Indian Lore and Craft

Hear legends of Northwest tribes and play Native American children’s games designed to develop fishing, hunting and other survival skills. The games help to develop eye-hand coordination. Make a craft to take home. Select from our list: ring catch toy, owner stick, arrowhead pouch and more. This program is an hour and a half  long.

Indian Crafts List

Cedar Bark Friendship Bracelet : Twist together a strip of inner bark from the Red Cedar, raffiagrass, and yarn to make a bracelet.
A simple, but meaningful, craft which requires working with a friend.
(Ages 5 and Older)
Owner Stick : Decorate a wooden stick as a marker for your belongings.
(Age 5 and Older)
Seed Necklace : Stringing beads, seeds, shells, and other materials to make a necklace.
(Age 5 and Older)
Headband : Decorate a leather strip, punch holes, and add tie strings to keep hair out of your way.
(Age 5 and Older)
Ring Catch : Bend and wrap a cedar bough into a ring and tie it to a stick with string.
A toy to play with that improves hunting and fishing skills.
(Age 5 and Older)
Leather Sling : Shape wet leather and add strings to make a hunting tool.
(Age 7 and Older)
Arrowhead & Leather Pouch : Punch and sew leather to make a pouch and add a tie string.
Shape a piece of slate and take it home in your pouch.
Adult helpers are needed with punching and sewing.
(Age 7 and Older)
Cattail Doll : Soaked cattails are folded and assembled into a doll.
Scissors and knot tying.
(Age 8 and Older)